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Mike Spells

Mike Spells

I was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York.  Growing up I would play in the Brooklyn Museum where I became fascinated with paintings and travel. From a young age it was always a dream of mine to travel to France, Italy, and Germany. 


 At age 18 I joined the Air Force—this experience is what rooted my world travels. During which, I married and had two wonderful children whom were both born in midst of my travels—my daughter was born in Japan and my son in El Paso, Texas. 


I then left the military and joined the Montgomery County Police Department in Maryland, where I became injured in the line of duty and am now retired. 


I have travelled to 160 countries and all 50 states in the USA. I want the world to experience the extreme value of global travel. My dream is to have my own travel show on television. My idol is Anthony Bourdain. I live similar experiences, but I travel with the importance of a tight budget travel by living amongst the natives. 


Travel is one of the most important aspects of my life. It solves social problems and makes life so much more fulfilling.


By this time in my life I was hoping the people in this world would be coming together and have a greater understanding of each other, instead people seem more divided than ever. We are all on this beautiful earth together and have the same basic needs. During my travels I have learned that people in every culture and every country are the same at their core. They desire (love, strong faith and a sense of belonging. I think a lot of the unrest and conflict among people come from fear and misunderstanding. I believe a way to dispel these false beliefs is through educating ourselves about one another and our cultures. I want to be an instrument in bringing people together through my experiences traveling.


     Mike Spells


      (717) 315-0343